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Wolkowo Kennel has been registered by the FCI IN 1988. Breeding foundation of the kennel was a borzoi female CH. Vorenoff Ziganka Wolkowa (CH. Vorenoff Wolkow x CH. Vorenoff Udatscha), imported the same year along with the male CH. Vorenoff Udatschnik (Borenoff vom Taymir x CH. Vorenoff Natasha) from Netherlands.In the year 1991, Ziganka was bred to CH. Bojar von Schloss Olef. That was a line breeding, based on the very well known qualities of the old German kennel, Von Bergland, and Dutch kennel Vorenoff. Some of the puppies have later become very successful show champions, especially CH. Nagrashdai Wolkowo, CH. Netochka Wolkowo, CH. Nastasia Wolkowo and Nadia Wolkowo.In 1996, Helena Arh picked a sire for the litter out of her CH. Netochka Wolkowo – a Polish male, Russian champion among other accomplished titles, CH. Indygo Irtysz Polot. That breeding was an outcross, Irtysz had American ancestors from his father's side CH. Car of Twin Elms , and his mother, CH. Aria Stepowy Goniec came from the old Polish lines. We became good friends with the owner of Polot kennel, Mrs. Wieslawa Kluska, and our kennels share similar ideas and help each other to these days. In that liter we had three puppies, Ch. Hlopkovaja Almaska, CH. Hrustalnaja Azurka and CH. Hvostati Apraskin, two females and one male. All three have become very succesful show dogs, well known throughout Europe. Almaska became the kennel's most successful dog, gaining six championships: Slovenian, Croatian, Hungarian, Austrian, Italian and International – she's probably the most successful Slovenian borzoi in history. She also won quite a few titles on sighthound special shows, at home in Slovenia, as well as thoughout Europe. All three dogs stayed in the kennel, Almaska at Helena's home, Apraskin at my home and Azurka in co-ownership with our good friend Tomislav Klemencic from Zagreb, Croatia.Around that time, Helena Arh became very active member of the kennel. In 1998, Nadia Wolkowo was bred to the European Champion from Italy, CH. Rajanlinjan Iceman (CH. Phaedra Kojiki x Margiitan Swetlana), a dog of American-Finnish ancestry, again an outcross breeding. From that ineresting combination, Nadja Krecic kept two females and one male, but unfortunately these dogs have never been used for breeding.Visiting the most important and the largest shows in Central Europe, Scandinavia, England and USA led us to meet a vast number of dogs and breeders and shaped our breeding ideas as well as our criteriaes. In 1999, we tried an artificial insemenation of CH. Hlopkovaja Almaska with deep frozen semen of one of the most successful English show and stud dogs of all times, famous CH. Rothesby Saker. Unfortunately, we had no success, but it led to an on-going frinedship with Sakers's breeder and owner Sue Carter, in our opinion one of the major borzoi breeders nowadays. So, in the year 2000, we decided to have the litter out of Almaska with American dog, Stillwater Spirit of t'Tsar, bred by Charles Tyson and owned by Edith Titze in Germany. Spirit of  t' Tsar was a powerful dog, a lot like Rothesby Saker in his overall appearance, which was quite obvious if one looked at their pedigrees: they were closely related thanks to one othe most successful show borzois ever, the unforgettable Stillwater Virginia Reel. That breeding resulted with 11 puppies, one male and one female stayed at home and both had a great, on-going show career, especially male, CH. Belogrudij Berkut Wolkowo, who became a star of the kennel, bringing the now easily recognizable type, qualities and values of our kennel to the very top of European kennels. Berkut has, among the title of Slovanian Club Champion and other titles, also won a prestigious Reserve Best in Show title on the Slovenian Sighthound Club Special Show. Next year, in 2001, we had a litter out of Azurka (also Reserve BIS winner on the Slovenian Sighthound Club Special Show) by, at that time completely dominant, European Champion CH. Gustopsowaya's Merry Monarch (son of Rothesby Saker). Unfortunately, there were only two female puppies in that litter: Casablanca Coastwind Wolkowo who went on to live with Tomislav, and Crimson Claymore Wolkowo, in my opinion the best borzoi in the kennel. Sadly, she injured her leg during the birth so she had never been shown.

After gaining some championship titles, we bred Berkut's sister, CH. Barhatnij Bouket Wolkowo to our CH. Hvostati Apraskin in 2004. Litter resulted with 6 males, and only CH. Divnij Don Wolkowo had been shown. The idea of that breeding was a line breeding to our foundation bitch, CH. Vorenoff Ziganka Wolkowa.In 2005, we imported a puppy from England, now a stud dog, CH. Rothesby Sholwood Miracle. Although he is at the beginning of his show career, his results are already worthy of the kennel's long and successful tradition.In 2007, we had a litter out of CH. Bilans Bare Truth Wolkowo, imported from Poland, with a Polot kennel ancestry. That litter was sired by our CH. Belogrudij Berkut Wolkowo and pedigree of the puppies combines virtually all the best dogs from the Polot kennel with the best lines of Stillwater and Wolkowo kennels. There are several dogs from that litter already dominating show rings: males Fenomenalnij Fars Wolkowo, Filigranovij Farfor Wolkowo (living at Russkaya kennel in England) and female Filigranovaja Figurka Wolkowo.

In 2008, we had 8 puppies in the litter out of CH. Casablanca Coastwind Wolkowo, sired by CH. Rothesby Sholwood Miracle, again line breeding based on CH. Rothesby Saker.

Breeding for twenty years, winning numerous titles and gaining numerous championships made us choose shows a bit more rationally and selectively. We are constantly trying to be a part of all the most important shows: European and World Dogs Shows, Crufts and the most important Sighthound Special Shows, as well as the annual Slovenian Sighthound Club Special Show. Until today, we had quite a few Slovenian Club Champions: Zigank, Nagrashdai, Nastasia, Apraskin, Almaska, Azurka, Berkut and Bouket. Our dogs have also been winning on a lot of special sighthound shows abroad, winning classes at European Dog Shows, we have a Veteran World Champion, and the only titles missing are World or European Champion – these are titles that we strive for, our breeding and showing plans are focused on trying to win these titles in the years to come.  2012 at World Dogshow in Salzburg dreams come truth and Galantnaja Galka Wolkowo became WorldWinner and Fenomenalnij Fars Wolkowo become Vice WorldWinner .

 Borzoi has ceased to be a ferocious wolf hunter for long time. Nowadays, borzoi is primarily a coms Wolkowo panion dog, living with people in their homes, with their families. Despite the healthy competitive spirit, our guideline was and still is breeding healthy and stabile dogs, dogs that would bring a lifetime full of joy and pride to their owners.

  Nekaj o naših psih , vzreji in o nas .
Psarna je bila pri FCI registrirana l988 . Začetek vzreje predstavlja psica pasme borzoi Vorenoff Ziganka Wolkowa ( Vorenoff Wolkow X Vorenoff Udatsha ) ki jo je Davor Margeta uvozil istega leta skupaj s sedemletnim Vorenoff Udatshnikom ( Borenoff vom Taymir X Vorenoff Natasha ) iz Nizozemske. Leto zatem se jima je pridružila psička pasme greyhound Bakaras Erika . Vsi trije so se precej razstavljali in naredili tako nacionalna kot internacionalna prvaštva v lepoti.
Leta 1991 je bila Ziganka parjena s plemenjakom Bojar von Schloss Olef. To je bilo linijsko parjenje , bazirano na stari nemški psarni Von Bergland. Nekateri mladiči iz tega legla so kasneje postali uspešni razstavni šampioni , še posebno Nagrashdai , Netochka , Nastasia in Nadia .
Leto kasneje je imela greyhoundica Erika svoje prvo leglo z angleškim plemenjakom Honney Buzzard .Rodovniško je bila to kombinacija dveh starih angleških linij Solstrand x Shalfleet . To je bilo prvo in zadnje leglo greyhoundov v psarni.
Leta 1996 je lastnica šampionske psičke Wolkowo Netochke , Helena Arh izbrala plemenjaka za Njetko, kot smo jo klicali poljskega psa , med drugim tudi ruskega šampiona Indyigo Irtysz Polot. To je bilo njen drugi poizkus parjenja v psarni Polot. To je bilo outcross parjenje , Irtyszevo poreklo je po očetu Car of Twin Elms ameriško , njegova mama Aria Stepovy Goniec pa izhaja iz starih poljskih linij. Z lastnico te psarne Višnjo Klusko smo postali kasneje dobri prijatelji in sodelovanje se nadaljuje še danes. Skratka , v tem majhnem leglu so se skotili le trije mladiči Hlopkovaja Almaska , Hrustalnaja Azurka , Hvostati Apraskim . Dve psički in pes. Kasneje so vsi trije postali izjemno uspešni razstavni psi poznani v vsej Evropi , dobri v coursingu , Almaska pa je postala najuspešnejši pes psarne in s šestimi osvojenimi šampionati ( tudi italjanskim ) in verjetno najuspešnejši slovenski borzoj vseh časov. Vsi trije so ostali v lasti psarne , Apraskim pri meni , Almaska pri Heleni in Azurka v solastništvu z našim dobrim prijateljem Tomislavom Klemenčičem iz Zagreba .
V tem času sta se psarni pridružili Helena Arh in Nadja Krečič lastnica Wolkowo Nadie.
Nadia ali kot smo jo klicali Zoja je bila leta 1998 parjena z evropskim šampionom finsko ameriškega porekla živečim v Italiji Rajalinjan Iceman ( Phaedra Kojiki X Margiitian Swetlana) . Tudi popoln outcross . Iz tega zanimivega legla je Nadja Krečič obdžala dve psički in psa ki pa se kasneje žal niso nikoli uporabili v nadaljni vzreji.
Na obiskih največjih razstav v centalni Evropi , Skandinaviji , Angliji in ZDA smo spoznali veliko število psov in vzrediteljev in oblikovali tako okus kot kriterije . Leta 1999 smo poizkusili z umetnim osemenjevanjem z globoko zmrznjeno spermo , uvoženo iz Angljie. To je bil zame plemenjak vseh časov - angleški šampion Rothesby Saker . Parjenje sicer ni uspelo , ostalo pa je trdno prijateljsvo z njegovo lastnico Sue Carter, po mojem mnenju eno najboljših vzrediteljev borzojev nasploh. Zato smo se leta 2000 odločili za parjenje Almaske z ameriškim psom Stillwater Spirit of the Tzar vzreditelja Charlesa Tysona v lasti edith Titze iz Nemčije. Spirit of t' Tsar je tako po impresivni velikosti, kot po zunanjemu videzu precej spominjal na Rothesby Sakerja , sicer pa kako tudi nebi saj je bil z njim v razmeroma bližnjem sorodstvu. Oba sta bila namreč potomca ene najuspešnejših razstavnih borzojev - Stilwater Wirginia Reel . Rezultat je bil enajst mladičev od katerih sta samec in samica ostala doma in naredila odlično razstavno kariero , še posebno samček Wolkowo Belogrudij Berkut , ki je trenutno zvezda psarne in je njeno vrednost in prepoznavnost dokončno pripeljal v sam vrh najboljših evropskih psarn.
Naslednje leto smo imeli leglo z Azurko z v tistem času dominantnim evropskim šampionom Gustopsowaya Merry Monarch ( sin Rothesby Sakerja ) . Žal sta bili v leglu samo dve psički : Wolkowo Casablanca Coastwind , ki jo je vzel za družbo Tomislav in Wolkowo Crimson Claymore ,ki je po mojem mnenju najboljši pes v psarni. Žal pa se ji je med porodom nepopravljivo poškodovala noga tako , da ni bila nikoli razstavljana. .
Po osvojenih šampionatih smo Berkutovo sestro Wolkowo Barhatnij Bouket leta 2004 parili s našim šampionom Hvostati Apraskimom in rezultat je bil šest samčkov od katerih se je razstavljal edino Wolkowo Divnij Don , ki na razstavah še vedno uspešno nastopa.Približno v tem času je z Apraskimom imela leglo tudi Agnes Koppany psarna Dober Kopp .
V času spoznavanja z Edith Titze je Heleni podarila psičko pasme svilnati hrt Kristull Coco Chanel . Coco je še vedno maskota psarne , leta 2005 pa smo imeli prvo leglo silknov v Sloveniji in sicer s samcem Starcastle Hounds Silver Lining. Helena je obdržala samca in samico iz tega legla.
Zadnje leglo smo imeli leta 2007 s psico Bilans Bare Truth , ki smo jo uvozili iz Poljske , po poreklu pa izvira iz psarne Polot. Oče zadnjega legla je naš Wolkowo Belogrudij Berkut .
Najnovejši import iz Angljie je samec Rothesby Sholwood Miracle , ki že na začetku svoje razstavne poti dosega rezultate v ponos psarni.
Glede na skoraj dvajsetletno udejstvovanje v vzreji in razstavah pasme borzoj se glede na nepregledno število prvaštev in šampionatov mogoče nekoliko bolj racionalno udeležujemo razstav . Vsekakor pa se trudimo udeležiti se najpomembnejših t.j. evropskih in svetovnih razstav in najpomembnejših specialk. S svojimi psi smo do sedaj osvojili veliko zmag na specialnih razstavah pri nas in v tujini, osvajali prva mesta v razredih na evropskih razstavah , osvojili tudi svetovnega veteranskega prvaka , ni pa nam še uspelo osvojiti naslova svetovnega ali evropskega prvaka , za katerega si bomo tako z vzrejo kot razstavljanjem še naprej prizadevali. Leta 2012 so se nama uresničile sanje in Galantnaja Galka Wolkowo je na Svetovni razstavi v Salzburgu postala svetovna prvakinja , Fenomenalnij Fars Wolkowo pa svetovni podprvak .
 Kljub tekmovalnemu duhu pa naše prvo vodilo že dvajset let ostaja vzreja zdravih in psihično stabilnih živali.

Rothesby Saker

Kristull Coco Chanel

Vorenoff Udatschnik & Yura s Asja

Vorenoff Ziganka Wolkova

Bakara's Erika

Indygo Irtysz Polot

Netochka Wolkowo

Rajalinjan Iceman

Nadia Wolkowo

Stillwater Spirit of T'Tsar

Hlopkovaja Almaska

Gustopsowaya's Merry Monarch

Hrustalnaja Azurka

Hvostati Apraskin

Barhatnij Buket Wolkowo